About Milton Harris Racing

MILTON HARRIS launched his training career in 2001 at Paxford in the heart of the Cotswolds. He moved into his current yard in 2018, where he now trains a growing stable of horses at a beautifully renovated facility in Sutton Veny, Warminster.

Milton took an enforced break from training in 2011 and is now back with vigour in 2018. He trains horses for the flat, jumps and the White Turf racing at St Moritz.

Having had a racing interest all his life, Milton might not have been through the traditional ranks; but he has the ambition to be successful.

You too will want to be part of this exciting sport. Milton's owners will tell you how well he takes care of them and their horse, both during training and on race-day. His professional approach is to offer owners value for money, while enjoying a sport that all love dearly.

Milton’s facilities at Sutton Veny are set in a magnificent location with rolling hills and challenging gallops. With his enthusiastic team, Milton's mission is to grow the horses in his care both in quality and number.

Most importantly, he is focused on training winners. Learn more below why it’s a passion — and a dream — to be involved in the Sport of Kings.
Milton with Aintree My Dream
Aintree My Dream whispering in the boss's ear about his plans for racing
Milton and Quarry Lami having a chat
Avon Racing Ltd, The Beeches, Deverill Road,
Sutton Veny, United Kingdom, BA12 7BY
Phone: (+)44 7879 634 308
office@miltonharrisracing.comCONTACT >
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